Paul directing Nina for a Stelena scene (5x18)

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"Everybody has dark and light periods and that’s kinda what life is about. How you deal with those dark periods and how you come through to the other side."

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♣ Caroline Forbes
∟Cheerleader, Miss Mystic Falls, third grade hopscotch champion. Friend, daughter, perfectionist. Mean girl, sometimes, no offense.

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Paul Wesley eating waffles is more of a turn on for me than seeing Ian Somerhalder in an actual sex scene


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How I feel about Dair



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"We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all."

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so yesterday…

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TVD characters + MBTI
• Stefan Salvatore → ISFJ “The Nurturer”
"Follows the rules, polite, fears drawing attention to self, dislikes competition, private, modest, observer."

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sit your asses down if you’re gonna hate on delena


*pulls up a chair*

alright let’s talk some shit about delena.

might as well get a pillow or sth for the lower back and a cup of fucking tea because this is going to be a long ass conversation.

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